Salt: The forgotten pandemic

Mhairi Brown, Programme Manager (originally published on Open Access Government) COVID-19 has completely changed life in the UK and has quite rightly demanded our attention and action to protect our loved ones, communities and businesses. But way before this, there was the forgotten pandemic i.e. eating too much salt (and otherwise known as the silent killer) which... Continue Reading →

Racial Disparities in the UK’s Health System

Sheena Bhageerutty, Assistant Nutritionist, Action on Salt (originally published on New Food) We are in a state of transition, somewhat grieving our old lives and slowly evolving into the new norm. During this uncomfortable period, I have tried to keep active and exercise my brain as much as possible.Earlier this month, the Global Nutrition Report... Continue Reading →

Worrying trends in salt intake in China

Monique Tan PhD Student, Queen Mary University of London Why does salt matter in China? Considered “king of all flavours”, salt has played an essential role in the preparation and preservation of foods for thousands of years in China. However, eating too much salt increases the risk of multiple health conditions, especially cardiovascular disease (via... Continue Reading →

Brazil’s Salt Reduction Program

For our first blog post, we turn to Brazil! Brazil set up a salt reduction programme in 2007 which has had a successful decade, due largely in part to the cooperation of the Brazilian food industry.  Why is salt reduction needed in Brazil? The Brazilian Household Budget Survey 2008-20091 found that, on average, Brazilian adults consume a... Continue Reading →

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